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BGR Schedule Calculator

For many years the schedule calculator on Bob Wightman’s website has been used by contenders to help in their attempt. The Club has now taken on the hosting of that calculator. This is a slightly simplified version having only one global option for how long to spend at road crossings and just one schedule for the entire round.

The data entered is saved to storage and will prepopulate the form the next time you use it. By using the “Save” button you agree to storing such data. See the data privacy page for more information. Some of the data is shared between the calculator and the registration process so if you have registered then that start date, time and basic round details will prepopulate part of this form. Similarly if you haven’t registered then the values saved here will be filled in when you do register. Note that the data saved here takes priority to that from the registration page.

Saving data here is not the same as registering. If you wish to register go through the registration process.

If you have registered and have also saved a different schedule on this page then an extra set of buttons will be displayed. Use the appropriate Load button to load data from that source. If you load the data associated with your registration then you have the option to override the data previously saved via this page.


The following notes should help with choosing the options from various fields.

Start Date and Time

You may either use the numeric selector: when highlighted you may either enter the numbers directly via the keypad or use the up/down arrow keys to cycle through the values. Alternatively clicking/tapping on the icon at the right of the input will open a combined calendar/time widget from which you may select the date and time.

There are some irregularities in both approaches: using the numeric input it’s possible to select an invalid date - 31st April as an example. The calendar/time widget allows the selection of a time other than one every 15 minutes. In both cases the input field will have a red outline so you won’t be able to submit the form with such values.


Simply select the closest value to your intended schedule.

The calculator assumes that you slow down over time so the later stages are at a slower pace than those at the start of the Round.

Note that the calculator tries to keep the overall time as close as possible to your chosen schedule so if you specify a slow down for rocky terrain then the rest of the round will be at a slightly faster pace to compensate.

Route Option

Going either clockwise or anti-clockwise you have the option of visiting either Sergeant Man or High Raise first.

Road Crossing

The road crossing option lets you specify an exact amount of time at each road crossing. Setting the value to “15” means the time will be adjusted in the same way as the times between peaks. Setting this to any other value gives you that time regardless of your schedule so, as an example, setting this to 5 minutes will set the time at each road crossing to five minutes regardless of whether you are on 23hr schedule or an 18hr one.


The Rocky option is an attempt to account for a slowing down over the sections of the round that are particularly rocky such as between Great End and Scafell Pike. If you know that this terrain slows you down then use this to adjust the times across those sections.


If you want to share your intended schedule then the text box at the foot of the form contains the required values in a URI that you can copy and send to whoever. Paste that into a browser address bar and it will load this page and set up the calculator with those values.

Note that such a URI takes precedence over any previously stored values.

Of course the third party may then save the form for later use.

The table beneath the form will update as you change values in the form. When you are happy with the schedule then click/tap the Save Schedule button. If you haven’t registered then these values will populate the related items in the form for you.

Only click the Save Schedule button when you want to actually save the values. There’s no need to do so if you are just experimenting with different times or schedules.

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