The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

Paid Help On The Bob Graham Round

We think its been pretty clear for years that paying someone to ‘guide’ you on the Bob Graham Round is against the spirit and ethos of the Bob Graham Club. We spelt it out on this website for the benefit of people trying to join.

Nevertheless we are very well aware that there are companies out there who are currently advertising their services to do exactly that – for a price! The fact is that there are large numbers of our members, and aspiring members, who regularly give up their time and effort to help others, whether helping prepare or ‘on the day’, get round the BG and achieve membership of the Club – for absolutely nothing! You can find them via the Club’s Facebook page or through the large number of fellrunning clubs. It really isn’t difficult to find help freely given, and that’s exactly what the Bob Graham Round and this Club is all about.

The Bob Graham Club is not about to give up that ethos and we are very close to a point where we will refuse to ratify Bob Graham Rounds which have used the services of commercial guides who charge for their services. Your Committee intends to meet again in September to make a final decision, but we very much hope that in the meantime people applying for membership of the Club using paid Bob Graham guiding services will stop.

Selwyn Wright - Chairman